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What Are Page Components?

Last Updated: Feb 19, 2015 03:47PM EST
Page Components are the building blocks of our websites. They are essentially containers that hold different types of information and depending upon the type of information you want to place on your webpage you will choose a different type of corresponding page component. To add a component to a page simply click on Add Page Component within the window to which you would like to add the component:

Once you click Add Page Component you are confronted with a Type dropdown menu as well as an Internal Name field. The Type dropdown allows you to select which type of page component you want to add which is dependent upon what type of information you want to place on your page.

The Internal Name field is not required but is recommended. This field is only viewable internally and is attached to the component you are adding. Internal names should be a brief describe of what information is in the component. This field is useful for helping keep your components organized and assists in editing pages efficiently.

Once you add components they are listed at the bottom of the window to which you are adding the component under Page Components. You can add as many page components as you would like to each windows within pages. When you add multiple page components to a window they begin to stack one above the other. These components can be reordered by clicking on the green or red arrows to move components up or down:

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