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Text Window Component

Last Updated: Apr 04, 2016 09:37AM EST
You will build most of the site using text windows. A Text Window allows you to post text and embed an image.
Text Default Font: An agreed upon default font will always be used unless manually changed by users.
  • Title – Will appear at the top of your Component and is generally larger and bolded.Click this image to view a larger version. You cannot change the formatting of the title.
  • Window Text – This area displays the most text. You can copy and paste text from Word, an email, or a PDF, etc. However, please note many of these programs have invisible html formatting that will cause your web page to have spacing and other formatting issues. To maintain consistent formatting across your website you can use the Paste Plain Text Option:
This option is located in the top Window Text Options. Simply click on the icon and then paste in your text into the pop up window then simply click insert.
  • For information you only want displayed temporarily, you can select a Date Visible, which is the date you want the content to appear on your site. If you leave this field blank, the text shows up immediately. You can also choose a date when you want the content to be removed from your site by adding a date to expires field.. If you leave it blank, it will be displayed until you delete it.

PHOTOS: You can browse for one photo at the bottom or right click in the Window Text and upload multiple photos.
  • Resize Photo – If you are attaching a photo that needs resized, check this box, specify the width in pixels, and pick the orientation (landscape or portrait).
  • Embedded Image – Click “Browse” and find your photo file. Double click the file and the path to the file will appear in the field (see screenshot).
  • Photo Placement – By default all uploaded images are left aligned. Choose center or right alignment from the drop down box if you need different alignment.
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