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Last Updated: Apr 20, 2015 03:28PM EST
Use the Downloads Component when you want to post documents or files to your webpage. This component is a sort of container that will hold your downloadable items / files (PDF, Word Documents, MP3 etc). These items will only display on the page which you have placed the Downloads Component. A Downloads Component also allows unlimited storage space giving you room to add as many documents and files as needed!

When you are ready to upload a file, click “Add a New Download” and you will be taken to a screen with several input fields for adding a new downloadable file.The only required fields are Title and actually choosing the file you would like to upload to the webpage.

There are several input fields which are outlined below:

Download Title – Your visitors will click on this title to access the file. Be descriptive, but not too long.

Description – In this section, you can offer a longer description of the download that will appear under the title on the webpage.

Date Visible – Select the date you want your download to appear on your site. Leave it blank, and it will show up immediately.

Date Expires – Select the date you want your download to disappear on your site. Leave it blank and it will always show to the public until you delete it.

File – Click “Browse” to locate your file on your local computer, network or CD/DVD; double click the file and the path to the file will appear in the File field (see screenshot). Note: file names cannot have special characters or extra periods. Example of a filename the CMS will not allow = Dr.Watson.pdf

Icon – Click “Browse” and find a small icon (50 pixels or less) that will appear next to the Download Title (example: PDF icon).

Use Icon  – checking this box will enable your visitor to click the Icon to load the file. The file will open in a new window.

After you have uploaded several downloads into your component you can reorder them on your page by simply hovering over the green arrows and dragging and dropping them into different orders:
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a minute ago
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an hour ago
hours ago
a day ago
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