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Master Event Calendar

Last Updated: Mar 22, 2016 02:42PM EST
The Event Calendar Administration Option is only accessible by Site Master users and other Administrators of the site who have been given access to this button. You can create events that apply to a specific or multiple Site Sections / buildings. You also have the ability to create Event Groups for specific Site Sections which allow you to further organize events. 

When you access the Master Event Calendar you will see a list of upcoming events and a list of Calendar options:


Master Event Calendar Options:

  • Quick Add Event - Allows users to create events quickly without the need for detailed information..


  • Detail Add EventProvides more input fields for creating events with more detailed information (Start Time, End Time & Location).


  • Search For EventsPresents several different methods by which users may search for events that were added into the system previously.


  • Manage Event Groupsdisplays input fields for creating or removing Event Groups. This option also provides a list of all existing Event Groups and how many events currently belong to each. Event Groups help organize events that are placed at specific Site Sections by allowing further categorization and organization. You cannot edit the names of Event Groups in this Admin Option but can do so in the Event Calendar options within each Site Section or Building. *Note: if you remove an Event Group, all events associated with the group will also be removed. 


  • Bulk Remove EventsAllows users to remove all events from the system before a specified date. There are check boxes that allow the exclusion of specified event groups.


  • Bulk Import Events - Provides a link to a downloadable Import Template and input fields for uploading the template when completed. If the template does not open in Excel you will need to locate the file in your Downloads Folder and right click, select Open With and choose Excel. Upon first opening the file you will need to save it as an .xlsx document with the file name ImportEvent (the file name with the proper extension will look like this: ImportEvent.xlsx) - you must also ensure the sheet name is ImportEvent, if either is incorrect your template will not import into the system.


  • RSS ManagementSupplies links for regenerating the RSS Syndication for specific Site Section Calendars. Note: the RSS only generates once per day but can be regenerated at any time using this option.

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