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Last Updated: Nov 30, 2016 02:06PM EST
To create accounts for website administrators to access and edit the website you will click on the CMS Users button under Administration Options at the Admin Home screen. This is the administration option used to assign user accounts, create login credentials and edit existing CMS users.
Adding A New CMS User

To begin adding additional CMS users, click on the Add New CMS User button toward the top of the screen. This will bring you to the User Login Information screen, where you can specify user permissions as you create the CMS User.

User Login Information

Now you can begin setting up your CMS User with the options presented. Follow the steps below to select the options most suitable for your new user.

1. The first drop down option allows you to select the CMS USER Account Type. The two options in the drop down menu include Staff Member User and Custom/Admin User.
  • Staff Member User – Users belonging to your organization and already in the CMS as a staff member in Staff Management.
  •  Custom/Admin User – Users outside of your organization that are not in Staff Management.
Please note: you will want to create Staff Member Users whenever possible as their edits and updates to the site are indexed and available in User Auditing. 

2. The Select Staff Member box is used if you selected Staff Member User above. Start typing the name of the individual to whom you would like to give CMS access in the Select Staff Member field.

As you type the name, a pop up highlighted in blue will display below. It is important to click this pop up name to insert the completed name of the user. This field will only auto-populate if the user is in your Staff Management / Staff Directory. If the user is not a member of your staff you will need to create the user as a Custom Admin Account Type in Step 1.
3. Next you will create a Username and Password for the user. Usernames need to follow your organizations typical convention - typically usernames consist of the first letter of a person’s first name, followed directly by their full last name (e.g.  Cpinkerton).
  • You can check the Force Password Reset? checkbox to make this user change their password upon logging into the CMS.
4. Access Level (user type) allows you to choose what access the user will have to the CMS. There are four Access Levels from which to choose, each are explained in detail below under Access Levels.
  • Security Groups are optional.  They are created on the Security Management page and are used to give a large number of people the same security access. This option is explained in greater detail below in the Security Management section.

5. Click Save after selecting the Access Level to be shown options for the selected Access Level. These options are explained in detail in the next section.

Access Levels
There are four different Acess Levels from which to select when creating a CMS User account. Setting up a CMS User differs based on which Access Level you choose :

Building Standard User:
This is the most limited of Access Levels; you can limit a user down to one specific page and give them access to nothing else. Follow the steps below to setup your Building Standard User:

1. In the Building (Site Section) dropdown select the appropriate building to which you would like the user to have access. The options in the dropdown directly correlate to the site sections listed under Site Section Management at the Admin Home page:

2. Select the Site Section Admin Option from the dropdown to select which Admin Option button(s) the user will see in the Site Section to which they have been given access. Most often these types of users are only given the Content Pages option.

3. Simply check the boxes for which Content Pages you would like the user to have editing access. Keep in mind they will be able to edit any child pages under the page(s) you check. After you have selected the appropriate page(s) click the Add button at the bottom of the checkboxes.

4. The added pages will appear at the bottom of the screen under Existing Selections.

Building Master User:
When this option is selected, a list of all Site Sections will appear and you can select to which Building(s) you would like the user to have access. This option gives the user complete access to all pages and Administration Options inside the building(s) selected. Follow the steps below to setup your Building Master User:

1.       Check the Boxes for each site section to which you would like the Building Master User to have complete access.

As illustrated in the image above, the user will have complete access to the District and Elementary site sections of the website. They will not see any other site sections or any of the top level Administration Options at the Admin Home page.

2.       After making your selections, click the Save button above the checkboxes to save your changes.

Site Administrator:
This option gives the user complete access to all Site Sections as well as all the Administration Options and Pages within each Site Section. However, you can pick and choose which top level Administration Options to give the user.

1.       Check the boxes for which Administration Options you would like the user to have access.

2.       After you have made your selections click the save button above the checkboxes.

Site Master User:
Site master users have complete access to the entire CMS and all of the features contained within.

Security Groups
Security Groups are an optional feature when setting up CMS Users. They are created by clicking Add New Security Group and are used to give a large number of people the same security access. You can also edit an existing Security Group listed below Security Group Configuration by clicking on the name of the Security Group. You can assign CMS Users to a Security Group when editing or creating a CMS User.

On the Manage Security Group page, you can configure your Security Group. If you are adding a new Security Group, start by giving it a Group Name, then click the Save button directly below the Group Name. If you would like to remove this group, click the Delete button to permanently get rid of the group.

Below you will find a list of your site sections along with checkboxes to include the site section in this Security Group. Check one of these boxes, and you will be presented with more Permissions to assign to this group.

Just like creating a CMS User, use the checkboxes to select which options are given to users in this Security Group. Once you have finished assigning Permissions, click the Save button above or below to save your changes.

It is important to remember, when assigning Permissions to a Security Group, Building Features are all or nothing. If a Security Group is given access to a Building Feature at one site section, the Security Group will also have this Building Feature assigned for every other site section they have access to. For example, a Security Group that has permissions for the High and Middle Schools included in the group, if you grant access to Staff and Touts at the High School, they will have access to Staff and Touts at the Middle School as well.
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