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Last Updated: Feb 16, 2018 03:44PM EST
‚ÄčThis Component is used to add information to your site that changes somewhat frequently. It is basically a container that holds News Articles. You will be able to add as many articles as you would like into a single News Component. If you already have a News Component on your page you can add or edit articles by clicking the green Edit button.

Add A News Component

You can add a News Component by going to your page and clicking Add Page Component and selecting News Component from the Type dropdown.

Once you have clicked Add Component you can then access the component by clicking the green Edit button:

Add A News Article

After clicking Edit to access your Component, you can then add a new article by clicking Add A New News Article:

When creating a News Article there are several input fields to consider:
  • Article Title, is the title of your article and is required.
  • Subheader, is an optional teaser tag-line to get your visitors interested in the rest of your article. It is best to keep the Subheader short so that you do not clutter up your webpage.
  • Article Text, is the article in its entirety. You can put as much information as you want in this field.  

Fields for adding a new article
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