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Custom Drop Down Menu (Updated)

Last Updated: Mar 25, 2019 09:13AM EST
Custom Drop-Down Menu

On your website homepage, there are categories called “Navigation Buttons” that are typically found across the top of your site and each of those Navigation Buttons has drop-down menus. Site Masters and users with the appropriate access have the ability to customize these drop-downs depending on preferences.
Image of a drop down menu
You can manage your customer drop-down items from within your main site section. Ex. District.
Selection of a site section in the CMS
Once in your main site section, you will choose the “Custom Drop Down Menu” button. While some sites do have site sections that each have their own custom drop-down, this is rare and you will get a message that indicates “SORRY! This Site Section is not set up for a dropdown menu” if that is not the case.

Customer Drop Down Menu Button 
There are several options inside the “Custom Drop Down Menu” that allow you to customize each link in your drop-down items and specify which button these items will be listed under. You will also find a list of all the current items that are in your drop-downs listed under each Navigation Button title.
Drop Down Menu view from within the CMS
There are five options that appear when adding a new item to the Drop Downs, each is outlined below: 
  • Nav. Button - This is used to select which top navigation button you want your drop-down link to appear under.
  • Item Type - This is typically left as "Link" but may also be changed to "Title" if you would like a non-clickable title in your drop-downs to separate your links.
  • View Text - This is the clickable text that will appear in the drop-downs.
  • Nav URL - This is the URL to which you want the View Text to lead people when clicked. (If you have selected “Title” as your item type, this will be greyed out and unclickable.)
  • Open New Window - This option allows you to determine if the Nav URL will open in the same or a new browser window.
Once you have completed all fields, click on the green “Save Nav Item” button to publish your drop-down to the site.

  • You can drag and drop items to rearrange your drop-down items. 
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