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Last Updated: May 15, 2019 01:51PM EST

What is a Staff List Component?

A Staff List Component pulls information from your Master Staff, found inside of the Content Management System (CMS), and allows you to display staff information in the form of a staff search database. You can also use the Staff List Component to simply display details for a group of staff members or provide contact details for an individual staff member.

To get started with setting up to your Staff List Component, click the green “Edit” button to the right of your component. See "Page Components" if you are unsure of the process up to this point.

Creating a Title for your Staff List

To create a title for your list or directory, use the arrow to the right of the blue “Component Header Options” to expand this area. Check the box to “Show Component Header” and place your title into the “Header Text” field then click the green “Save” button. This will place a bold title over your Staff List on the public side of your page.
Screenshot of the Title Field

Choose your Display Mode

To get started with setting up the Staff List Component, you will first choose your “Display Mode” using the drop-down menu in this field.  

Find a list of the Display Modes and their common uses below:

Directory Form - This option gives users the ability to search staff using first or last name, email address, title or building. Users can also filter results by a department with this mode. 
Bio List - A Bio List is great for displaying contact details and biographical information for an individual staff member, multiple selected staff members or an entire department on a specific page. Ex. The Band Director's contact details and biographical information on the Band page. 
Grid List - A Grid List allows you to display basic information for a staff member or a department on a page. 

Note: If no Display Mode is chosen, the default Display Mode is a Directory Form.
Screenshot of the Display Mode Field

Choose an Alternative Color (Optional)

You will see the option to select a color and this will be the background color of every other Staff Member when displayed in a list format. This step is optional.

           Screenshot of Alternative Color in the CMS and on the public side
Depending on which Display Mode you choose, you will then be presented with “Show/Hide Options” that are available with that Display Mode. Some options will be slightly different depending on the Display Mode chosen. Choose the items that you would like to show on the public side and click the green “Save” button once you completed.

Tip: The “Use Email Contact Form” option allows you to hide staff email addresses and users will submit an email using a contact form that will be delivered to the staff member’s email address from an email (yours district name)

Show Hide Options screenshot
Filtering Criteria

When the Bio or Grid List Display Modes are chosen you will be provided with the “Filtering Criteria” option. This allows you to choose to display information for a single staff member, select staff members or a specific department.

Select Departments – This option allows you to choose from the departments that are available under the site section that you are currently under.
Select Members – This option allows you to choose individual staff members that are assigned to the department that your staff list is under.

Filtering Criteria Screenshot
 Once you have made all of your selections click the green “Save” button.
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