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News Component (Updated)

Last Updated: Apr 23, 2019 09:18AM EST

What is a News Component?

‚ÄčThis Component is used to add information to your site that changes somewhat frequently. It is basically a container that holds News Articles. You will be able to add as many articles as you would like into a single News Component.

To get started with adding content to your News Component, click on the green “Edit” button to the right of your News Component. See "What Are Page Components?" if you are unsure of the process up to this point.

Creating a Title for your News Feed

To create a title for your feed, use the arrow to the right of the blue “Component Header Options” to expand this area. Check the box to “Show Component Header” and place your feed title into the “Header Text” field then click the green “Save” button. This will place a bold title over your news feed on the public side of your page.

Header Component Screenshot

Choose the number of Articles that you would like to display

To select how many articles you would like to show on your page expand the “RSS Syndication & List Count” field, using the arrow to the right of this feature. Place the number of active articles you would like displayed on the page, in the “Article List Count” field and click the green save icon.

Note: News Feeds that are featured on custom home pages are typically hardcoded to show a specific number of articles and adjusting the list count will not result in that particular feed updating. Contact Support to request this type of adjustment. 

List Count Screenshot

Creating A News Article

After clicking Edit to access your Component, you can get started by clicking "Add A New News Article".

Add A New News Article Button screenshot
When creating a News Article there are several input fields to consider:

  • Article Title - the title of your article and is required.
  • Subheader - an optional teaser tag-line to get your visitors interested in the rest of your article. It is best to keep the Subheader short so that you do not clutter up your webpage. This text will show on the page that your News component is on.
  • Article Text - is the article in its entirety. You can put as much information as you want in this field. This text will show on its own page when the user clicks on your article title or the “read more” link, when available.
  • Date Visible – this is an optional feature that gives you the ability to add your article in advance and provide a “go live” date. This will be the date that your article becomes visible on the Newsfeed.
  • Expiration Date – this is an optional feature that gives you the ability to remove your article from the main news feed on a specific date. Your article will still be available through the archives after this date. To remove an article completely, you must delete it.
  • Show Read More Link - this creates a link to your full article, from your newsfeed, below your title and subheader.

Article Fields Screenshot

Once you have completed all of the necessary fields, click the green “Save” button to save your article.

Once you save your article, you will be taken back to the article list page. From the Article List page, you can go back into your new article and add images and attachments.

Article List Screen

Add Images

To add a thumbnail image or embedded image to your article, click on the “Images” tab inside of your article.

Screenshot of Article Image Tab

In the Images tab, there are 2 options available; a Thumbnail Image and an Embedded Image.

  • Thumbnail – shows on your main Newsfeed along with the title and Subheader.
  • Embedded – shows in the body of your article, with your text.

Tip: The “Photo Resize Width” will default to the number of pixels listed and you must change this prior to choosing your image file if you want your photo to have a different width.

The steps for each of the image options are the same:

  1. First, you must choose your image file.
  2. Add your Required Alt Text, for ADA compliance. (Repeat steps 1 and 2 if adding an embedded image also.)
  3. Click the green “Upload/Save Images” button.
Choose File and Alternative Text

Add Attachments

To add an attachment to your article, click on the “Attachments” tab inside of your article.

Attachments Tab screenshot

Like adding images, there are 3 simple steps to add your attachment:

  1. Add the “Attachment Title” that you would like the file to have in your article.
  2. Choose your file.
  3. Click the green “Add File” button to attach your file and it will then show below.

Attachment Fields

Repeat these steps to add additional files to your article. Once your attachment has been added, it will be displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Below, you will see on the left how your article will appear in the Newsfeed and on the right how the full article will appear.


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