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Links Component (Updated)

Last Updated: Apr 19, 2019 10:47AM EST

What is a Links Components?

Links Components are used to add hyperlinks to your page that lead to other web sites or internal resources (other pages) on your site.

To get started with setting up your Links, click the green “Edit” button to the right of your component. See "Page Components" if you are unsure of the process up to this point.

Add a Title to your Links Component

A title can be added to your Links Component by clicking the arrow to the right of the blue “Component Header Options” bar. Check the “Show Component Header” box and place your title into the “Header Text” field. Once you click the green “Save” button, the "Header Text" will appear above your Links on the public side of your page.

Component Header

Link Display Options

In the “Manage Existing Links” area are “Display Options.” You can access these options by clicking the arrow to the right of the grey "Display Options" bar. This will reveal the 3 Display Modes from which you can choose:

Link List – creates a vertical list of links.

Dropdown List – creates a dropdown list of links.

Tabled List – lists your links in a tabled view with rows and columns of links (commonly used with equally sized icons or images being associated with each link).

Once you have chosen your preferred display mode, click the green “Save” button.

Display Options

Adding your Links

Click "Add A New Link" to get started.

Add A New Link Button
When adding a link there are multiple fields to consider:

Link Title (Required) – Your visitors will click this title to access a link on your page.

Link URL (Required) – This is where you will place the URL that will send your visitors to a website or resource. For external links, be sure to copy the entire URL, including the http:// or https://. For internal links, you only need the Friendly URL of the page. Example: boardofeducation.aspx

Description (Optional) – If you choose to add a description this will be displayed just below the link.

Display Link in New Window (Optional) – This setting is recommended when linking to other website or pages outside of your website.  

Date Visible (Optional) – Here you can select the date you want your link to appear on your site. Leave it blank, and it will show up immediately.

Date Expires (Optional) – Select the date you want your link to be removed from your site. Leave it blank and it will always show to the public until you delete it.

Note: Expired links will turn red inside of your Links Component.

Link Fields

Adding an icon/image

You may want to add an image or icon for users to click on to get to your link. This is optional and most commonly used with the Tabled List display option.

If you want to display a small logo/icon instead of your Link Title, browse for an image; the Link Image is clickable and will let your visitors click on your graphic.

Tip: If you use images inside a Tabled View, resize your images to a width of 120 pixels or less. All icons/graphics should be the same size to ensure the links line up and look uniform.

If using images, Alternative Text is required to ensure ADA Compliance. This should be a brief description of the image/icon or any text displayed in the image.

Image Related Fields
Once you have completed all necessary fields, remember to click the green “Save” button, or “Save & New” if you are adding additional links.   

Tip: You may reorder your links by dragging and dropping into different orders. Alternatively, you can automatically arrange your links by using the “Order By” feature above the "Delete Selected" button.

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