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News Article Lookup (Site Master Access Only)

Last Updated: Jun 21, 2019 02:56PM EST

On occasion, you may come across a news article on your site that has outdated or incorrect information. If you have several News Components on your site, it may be difficult to locate the article right away. Site Masters have access to a “News Article Lookup” tool that can be found in the Site Master Dashboard. This tool allows you to look up and locate an article by the article URL or Title.  If you do not have Site Master access, please reach out to your district Webmaster to have an article removed.

To get started locating an article, you will need the article title or the link to the article. Once you have the needed information, go to the “Site Master Dashboard” located at the top of your “Admin Options” found on your CMS “Admin Home” page.

Site Master Dashboard button
From the Site Master Dashboard, you will find the “News Article Lookup” button, in the “Useful Links” area.
News Article Lookup Button

From the “News Article Lookup” page you can select the method you wish to look up your article with.  

URL and Title Lookup buttons
Place your title or link into the “Search By News Article…” field and click the green “Search By…” button.

"Search By" Field
The details of the article will then be displayed along with the options to view/delete the article or contact Support.

Article Details Example
If you choose to delete your article the original link to the article will now be a broken link and an error message will be provided to anyone who attempts to access the article.
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